Change User Permissions

The article shows you how to change the permission levels of your bank account's users.


If your Euro Pacific Bank account has multiple eBanking users, you have the ability to change each user’s Permission Levels based on your security requirements.

The most common Permissions Level change is requiring a secondary user to authorize transactions, also known as “dual authorization”.

Please follow these instructions to adjust each user’s Permission Levels for these supported transaction types: International, Between Own Accounts, other Euro Pacific User, and Card Top Up.

Change User Permissions Form

1. Download and complete the Change User Permissions form. Once complete, please send it to us via Support Center case.

2. If you need assistance completing the form, feel free to Schedule a Call with our Client Services team.

3. Please note that this form supports most permissions scenarios, but not all. If you need more specialized Permission Levels, please contact us for changes on demand.

Request your transaction

Once we have processed your Change User Permissions request, you may submit a transaction to “test” your new permissions. For example, if User A only has input authority and User B has Approve Only or Full Access, please have User A submit the transaction and User B login to approve the transaction.

User B can approve the requested transaction using the instructions below.

Authorize your transaction

If a transaction was submitted pending authorization of another user, the approving user should follow the instructions below:

3. Your transactions Pending Authorization should be listed, and you can approve or decline them by clicking the buttons under the Action column. Click the arrow on the right of the transaction to expand and view the transaction in its entirety.

4. Once you have made your approve and decline decisions, click the Submit button.

5. Finally, click Confirm.

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