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The Precious Metals Account provides the security of physical precious metals and the convenience and access of an online bank. Easily convert cash in your bank account into physical gold and/or silver holdings by following the steps below.

1. In the Trading menu, click Buy/Sell and Precious Metals Trading.

2. Select the type of metal you would like to own. XAU stands for gold and XAG is silver.

3. Select which Account to Debit from, which can be any of your available currencies.

Can't remember all of your accounts? Read this article to know how to review your accounts' information.

4. Select your order amount by Quantity (oz.) or Amount (currency) terms. If you choose an Amount-based order, you will also need to select the currency of that Amount.

The Amount currency is relevant when viewing your Trading Movements screen, which displays your historical precious metals trades. These trades will be denominated in the currency of your Amount during the trade.

Then enter the desired weight or cash amount in the Quantity(oz.) or Amount field.

5. Select how your transaction fees will be included or excluded in Amount Inclusive of Fees.

Review our metals transaction fees here.

6. Once the order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation of your order and we will process the order typically within 1-2 hours on business days.

7. After the trade has been executed, the cash will be debited from your bank account and your precious metals holdings will be visible in your Accounts Overview.

Need help with your orders? Contact us here for assistance.

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