Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The article explains to you how to enable the Two-factor Authentication for your brokerage account.


Our brokerage platform provider and custodian, Interactive Brokers, requires that two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled. MobileTrader is both our mobile trading platform, as well as your default 2FA security application. Install it on your iOS or Android mobile device now.

How does it work?

Approximately 1-2 weeks after your Euro Pacific Trader account has been activated, you will be required to enter a 2FA code upon login. The code will then be sent to your MobileTrader, which allows you to log into your trading platform. If you have multiple Euro Pacific Trader accounts with distinct usernames, you can access all of those accounts from MobileTrader.

Download Now

Download and install the app by clicking the buttons below, and then activate the application within minutes.

Activation Instructions

  1. Launch MobileTrader on your iOS or Android device.

  2. Tap the Register Two-Factor button. If you do not see this button, please look for the "Services" button in the upper left corner.

  3. Follow the instructions on your device. You will be asked to log into MobileTrader using your standard Euro Pacific Trader login details, as well as register your mobile phone number. 4. Enter your Euro Pacific Trader username and password and tap Continue.

  4. Enter your mobile phone number, correspondent country, and tap Get Activation SMS. Please note your device must be able to receive SMS.

  5. You will receive an SMS containing an Activation Token. Enter the token into the Activation Code field. Tap Activate.

  6. Sign out of your Euro Pacific Trader platform.

  7. Sign back in and you will see the notice A message has been sent to your phone. Tap the link on your phone to complete secondary authentication. Look for the push notification on your MobileTrader to authorize your login.

Not receiving it?

  1. If you do not receive the push notification on your MobileTrader, on your existing Euro Pacific Trader login page, click the link that states Click here if you did not receive the message.

  2. You will be provided a Challenge Code that you need to enter in your MobileTrader to manually authenticate you.

  3. On your MobileTrader's Services page, click Authenticate.

  4. Enter the Challenge Code from your login screen.

  5. Follow the instructions to generate Response String, which you will need to enter on your login screen.

  6. Click Login.

Alternative 2FA Methods

SMS verification is the only alternative 2FA method at this time. MobileTrader authentication is viewed as the most secure and convenient way to authenticate you.

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