Precious Metals Account

The Precious Metals Account offers investors a convenient, secure, and efficient way to access the precious metals market and diversify their portfolios.

Is this product suitable for me?

The purpose of the Precious Metals Account is to provide you a convenient way to invest in gold and silver, protect your wealth, and convert those holdings for currency quickly and conveniently. Specifically, this is designed for precious metals investors seeking three things:

Price exposure

Simple exposure to the gold and silver spot prices. You own ounces of gold (XAU) and silver (XAG), trackable directly inside your eBanking.

Security of physical bullion

Every ounce purchased is physically backed 1:1 and stored outside of the banking system. This is relevant to clients who are worried about systemic financial risks, as our precious metals custodian is not a financial institution.

Convenience & access

View your portfolio value in real-time, buy and sell directly inside your eBanking, and easily wire the cash proceeds or load up your bank card.

Can I take delivery of my metals?

Because the Precious Metals Account is an institutional-level product and not a traditional "allocated" program, you cannot take delivery of or visit your precious metals. Therefore, if your goal is to take delivery of physical bars or coins, or if you need a traditional “allocated” storage program, the Precious Metals Account will not suitable for you.

Again, the purpose of the Precious Metals Account is to provide you a convenient way to invest in gold and silver (price exposure) directly from your Euro Pacific Bank account and convert those holdings for currency at your convenience.

Where are the precious metals stored?

We’ve chosen one of the largest, privately operated non-bank vaults in Asia to store all of our precious metals. They are an ISO 9001 certified, state-of-the-art bullion vault in Singapore, one of the safest jurisdictions in the world for bullion storage.

We are also continuously setting up relationships with new vaults and mints around the world to internationally diversify our physical storage. We are keeping in mind the different risk factors that each country possesses and are allocating our assets accordingly.

Is the Precious Metals Account an allocated program?

No. Clients have holdings in the Precious Metals Account, and our responsibility is to back the product 1:1 with physical precious metals in our network of reputable, non-bank vaults. In return, clients receive true 1:1 price exposure to gold and silver, the convenience of buying and selling online, and 24 hour liquidity.

Can I withdraw funds using my Bank Card?

One unique feature of investing in gold and silver using the Precious Metals Account is bank card access. Unlike other precious metals investment products, we offer the flexibility and access of a bank card. This allows you to quickly liquidate some of your holdings and spend the cash proceeds by ATM withdrawal or point-of-sale.

Again, the bank card does not draw from your precious metals holdings directly, so you’ll need to liquidate some precious metals, load the cash proceeds onto your bank card, and track your bank card transactions inside your eBanking. Please read this article for more details.

The bank card is accepted in over 210 countries and territories and millions of merchants worldwide. However, please note that is completely optional and is currently only available to residents of SEPA. Learn how to order a bank card here.

Why do I need to pay a storage fee?

As we back all gold and silver holdings using fully allocated gold and silver bars at our custodian vault, we incur a storage cost as an institution, which we pass down to all clients in order to operate this product.

How do I pay my storage fees?

The storage fees are expressed in % per annum terms, accrued daily, and automatically debited biannually, once in January and again in July of each year.

As a result, if you liquidate your holdings mid-year, you will be assessed a pro-rated storage fee for your holdings during the January or July payment cycles.

As you may have known, the debiting of USD current account is no longer available. Therefore, your storage fees will now be charged to the next available non-USD current account with the highest available balance.

If you need to open a new current account to pay for storage fees, please review this article.

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