"F" Account


Our branch of Interactive Brokers is one of the few branches that offer the trading of Contract for Differences (CFD). Because of this special feature, two "U" accounts will appear on your brokerage statement.

One of them is a special account created by Interactive Brokers for CFD & metals trading. The account ID is identical to your "U" account ID, with the addition of the letter F appended to the end.

For example: U111203, U111203F

"U" and "F" accounts are not fundable for trading. To fund your brokerage account, see this guide.

Brokerage Funding Accounts

CFD/metals trading in multiple currencies will require the opening of currency funding accounts, which start with the number series "1000," in the same manner as your regular brokerage funding accounts and current accounts.

Hence, account users with enabled CFD and metals trading permission will find that they have two brokerage funding accounts in the same currency.

For example:

  • 1000111111 is the brokerage funding account in EUR for CFD/metals

  • 1000222222 is the brokerage funding account in EUR for non-CFD/metals

Need help differentiate your funding accounts? Create a case for our bank agents' assistance.

The second funding account in the same currency is opened automatically by Interactive Brokers once CFD & metals trading permission is enabled for your Euro Pacific Trader account. So, you'll need to transfer funds to these accounts to trade the mentioned products.

Review this article to know how how to transfer funds to/from your brokerage accounts.

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